About Us

D360 Media is a digital marketing agency with focus on strategical consultancy and operative management

We are more than an external digital marketing agency. Our work is based on customer’s needs. Through planning, consulting and operating digital marketing campaigns to achieve your goals.

Our Services

What We Do?

Search Ads

We place your online advertising on search engines (Bing, Google) based on specific queries.


We show your advertising on the Web by programmatic buying of ad inventory based on user‘s behaviour.

Mobile & App Marketing

We display your ads on mobile device and promote your app.

Social Media

We support your ads presence on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, Pinterest

Digital Marketing Consultancy & Media Management

We support the planification and operation of a digital media strategy to meet your business goals.


This useful tool made easier the analysis of the current SEA account (types, structure, bidding strategy) and unveil the potential of your business.

Set up & Campaign Management

We implement a full platform service from set up (tracking, audiences, ads) to creating reports, analyses and optimization.

On boarding, Webinar & Workshops

Through several structured knowledge programs with a focus on your business needs. We offer a learning tool which includes SEA, Social Ads, App Marketing, managing platforms like Google Ads, Analytics and/or DV360 among others.

Dynamic Display Ads

A creation of a dynamic display ads shows a personalized content to customers from a determined feed. It allows the user to visualized new products, services or promotions updated on his/her feed.

Tag Management

We offer technical support and set up for a tag management system, which simplifies the administration and integration of tracking codes on your website.

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